Web site Design & developer Portfolio

Webdesign Inspiration 3

Color Schemes

When choosing the color scheme for a website is essential to identify specific colors that will represent the brand identity effectively and convey your unique business personality. The use of color is an essential part of the user experience and it could make the difference between success and failure. With this in mind, what your business colors say about your company or branding?

Color Meanings

Here are some common color meanings, moods, associations and their psychological properties.

Red – Strength, energy, passion, courage, danger, and love.

Yellow – Light, optimism, happiness, friendliness, creativity, and joy.

Blue – Stability, intelligence, communication, trust, loyalty, and confidence.

Green – Life, naturalness, fertility, health, wealth, and equilibrium.

Violet – Vision, wisdom, sophistication, ambition, magic, and celebration.

White – Simplicity, cleanliness, freshness, purity, peace, and neutrality.

Black – Power, elegance, secrecy, evil, authority, and substance.

Put these colors together to test different schemes and create maximum contrast for maximum effect, involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and use for a maximum of 3 combinations.


PSD mockups design, promo banner, working with position, size, and web page UI elements.


Creating an entirely new brand identity, a logo or designing a label for a container or product.


Discover marketing and the tendency to optimize for user intent creating digital media and trend.


Check out these creative examples of great clients web design portfolios and work development.

Graphic Design Web Developer Portfolio

My latest graphic designs for creative Web Developer / Designer portfolio, header banner or background image design, header with ActionScript and animations, or footer with Photoshop.


Header and footer Banners


Create graphic headers to give your first website and business a unique look to the new color.
Study English in UK Header

Website Footer Design

For my next web design project add elements to the footer or a high end custom graphic image.
'Renovation House Footer

Banner Effect header Background

Design a header banner/background image with Photoshop for Web Designs Inspiration blog.
'Renovation Header Art

Effect header with Flash Banner

Web header flash banner design art orange background with clever fixed effects in Flash.
'Web Designs Inspiration Header

Selecting the shapes, content and colors of the logo to elicit emotions and competitiveness designers can influence the way peopleĀ feel and respond to the brand the logo stands for.


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