Brand, Web & Marketing

It’s time to plan for advice on creative thinking, and the process of doing the design work from start to finish. Web programmer, used HTML, CSS and PHP languages to create visually appealing websites.

I can work with you regularly to deliver a brand, web & marketing package that you need to get ahead whether it’s a blog, a portfolio or an online store. Professional and effective web site design, to tailor a unique business look, its goals, and the technical requirements for the product you want to upload.

Here is my web site – Web Designer in Bournemouth.

I enjoy writing articles for fun on my personal blog The Designer’s Diary. Regarding ethical and social issues is inevitably published on Leadership and Models with breakdowns and highlights that covers the role of leadership, and expectations.


My skills and experience

Skills Summary: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Flash, and JavaScript, good 100% semantic code, best practice, user-based accessibility guidelines to meet certain design standards for your web page.

Top 3 Sources for Web Design Inspiration

Inspiration comes of working every day, and the way creative juices flowing to fill the void can come from anywhere and everywhere. My favorite sources for web design inspiration to kick start the creativity, productivity and efficiency are 1. Awwwards, 2. Web Design File, and 3. Admire The Web.


The Place That Inspires Me

Exploring visual arts in the Netherlands, Amsterdam has been highly inspiring for me because of the space to unwind, and find the inner peace of mind in the midst of struggles and life’s storms. It’s truly a gorgeous city to live, largely because of its crowded narrow houses, waterway areas with 165 channels and with approximately 2500 canal houseboats moored or docked along the river all over the place.

Amsterdam channels and rivers
Title: Amsterdam with beautiful canals, low bridges, and rivers so relaxing, you can sit have a drink.


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