Art work Time

Time is such a strange concept for me. Often, when I want a meditation experience and to forget about daily routine I like to climb in the mountains just a few days for getting a breath of fresh air.

Art work Time.
Title: Time.
Description: Time approaches infinity. Oil Paint on Canvas. Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands.

If I have a lot of time to spend, I want to understand our true reality and to study orbits, or make a sketch of infinite time swelled with the outflowing of divine energy, as flowing for another hour or another day, never stopping, but being beyond the form to the zero-point source state of infinite …

And the most important part is to make the link from the mathematics of hyperspace dimensions to the things of a finite-dimensional space that is always true relative to something ignores visible.

Art work Time, or the way we perceive time itself is that we can understand the visual complexity as a mixture of durations, and is probably the phenomenon of visual indeterminacy with visible change, measured in an example of shape and form, as a candle which burns continuously in the blue reaction zone and vibrational energies…